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Zoning Department

Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, and Light Industrial Zoning and Building Permits are required before construction begins. Penalties apply for failure to secure Building and Demolition Permits. A Zoning Permit is required for all businesses.

Additional information may be obtained during Building Department office hours on Thursday evenings by contacting the officials listed below.

Applications for permits can also be downloaded and printed from the Permits page on the website. Upon proper completion of construction and final inspection, the required occupancy permits will be issued.

Report an ordinance violation or make a complaint. Click here for the form. Please return the form via US mail or E-mail. (Directions on the form).

Mason Township Zoning Map
Zoning Map

Click here to view the Zoning Map.

Master Plan 2021
Mason Township Master Plan 2021

The Master Plan is a very effective tool for a community if there is a willingness to support and implement the vision and goals set forth in the Plan. Click here to view the Master Plan.

An ordinance is a law passed by a municipal government and constitutes municipal law. The power of municipal governments to enact ordinances is derived from the state constitution, or statutes, or through the legislative grant of a municipal charter.

Policing Ordinances observed in Mason Township, Michigan can be read, downloaded, and printed below.

Many ordinances deal with maintaining public safety, health, morals, and General Welfare. example, a municipality may enact housing ordinances that set minimum standards of habitability. Other ordinances deal with fire and safety regulations that residential, commercial, and industrial property owners must follow. Many municipalities have enacted noise ordinances, which prohibit prescribed levels of noise after certain hours of the evening.

Ordinances may also deal with public streets and sidewalks. They typically include regulations regarding parking, snow removal, and littering. Restrictions pets, including “pooper-scooper” and leash laws, are also governed by municipal ordinances.

One of the most significant areas of municipal law is Zoning. Zoning ordinances constitute a master plan for land use within the municipality. A municipality is typically divided into residential, commercial, and industrial zoning districts. Zoning attempts to conserve the value property and to encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout a particular locality.

In the past, many U.S. municipalities enacted a variety of ordinances regulating public morals and behavior, such as ordinances that prohibited spitting on a public sidewalk, have been repealed or are rarely enforced.