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Mason Township, Cass County, Michigan

 Please email your questions.   If you must call, please  leave an evening number where we can contact you or leave a message.

Arlene M. Chew, Treasurer
Email: arlene060treas@gmail.com

Please reference Mason Twp Taxes
Phone 269-699-7388 – Fax 269-699-5654

Make checks payable to MASON TOWNSHIP

Credit Card payments now accepted, visit https://allpaid.com/plc/a005hv and follow the instructions as directed.

Mason Township, Cass County, Michigan
Property Tax Collection Information
Make checks payable to Mason Township

Summer 2024 Tax Collection Hours

Coming Soon

Summer taxes are due September 14th. Winter taxes are due February 29th.  The top left corner of your tax bill has the address where payment is to be mailed or delivered and the hours we are available if you come in person. We accept checks, money orders, credit card payments paid through All paid (you will need your parcel number), or cash if little change is required.

The Treasurer collects the taxes at her home. There is a drop box on the front porch and payments left there will be sent a receipt either by email, or mail. We will come out to your vehicle if you wish. Honk to let us know you are there and give us some time; we may be on the phone or with another taxpayer.

No taxes are collected at the Township Hall. Hours are normally every other Saturday during tax season from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, and on the deadline date, our hours are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. We are also available some evenings and weekends by appointment. We prefer you email arlene060treas@gmail.com or call 269-699-7388 and leave a clear message with an evening phone number. If you don’t hear from us in a couple of days we probably could not understand your message.

We do accept partial payments. Any balance owed is turned over to the County after February 28th.

Delinquent Property Taxes

The current year’s taxes are in the hands of the Township until February 28th. Cass County does not have a record of current-year tax payments until after that date. Summer Property Taxes become delinquent after September 14th and interest at 1% per month then gets added to the balance due. Summer taxes are collected by the Township Treasurer until February 28th. Winter taxes become delinquent after February 28th. Then all taxes, except Personal Property Taxes (basically machinery and equipment), are turned over to the Cass County Treasurer and interest at 1% and a one-time penalty of 4% is added to the balance due and collected by the County. Call (269) 445-4468 for the amount due.

Title Companies, Lenders, Escrow Payers

For current year property tax status, go to casscountymi.org Property Tax Search, and on the left menu choose Property Tax Payment Status for a free list of paid and unpaid taxes as of the date of the report. If a tax shows as “unpaid” then contact arlene060treas@gmail.com to get an updated status.

For prior year property tax information, go to casscountymi.org Property Tax Search and on the left side, menu choose BS&A Property Tax Search. There you will find any delinquent taxes, property values, principal resident exemptions, etc. Taxes delinquent after February 28th must be paid to Cass County. A payment plan can be arranged if necessary.

Thank you, Arlene M. Chew, Mason Township Treasurer

Email: arlene060treas@gmail.com

Please reference Mason Twp Taxes
Phone 269-699-7388 – Fax 269-699-5654